Vendor Info

Vendors must submit completed application, rules and regulations, and waiver of liability prior to setting up at market. The first market day for any vendor is free of charge. Booth fees are 15$ and reserves a 10×10 booth space. Electricity may be requested but not guaranteed at an additional 5$ which may be paid upon arrival. Completed forms may be emailed, or printed and mailed to P.O.Box 163, Lexington, TX. Checks can be made out to Lexington Farmer’s Market.

Please fill out and return these three things:
Vendor Application 2018
Rules and Regulations 2018
Waiver of Liability


Complete Online:

Vendor Application 2018

2018 – Lexington Farmers Market
Wheatley Street at Lexington Town Square

Market Hours: Saturdays 9am to 1pm
The season begins May 12th and runs to December 22nd, for a total of 33 weekends. The market may also close for very severe weather conditions, in which case an attempt to notify each vendor will be made.

All applications to sell at the market will be reviewed by the Lexington Farmers Market Association (LFMA). For more info regarding the LFMA contact Jenna Rankin at 512.565.7205.

The first market for any vendor is free of charge. After, the weekly stall fee is $15 due upon arrival at market each Saturday.  Optional seasonal membership is $225 for the entire season. Checks can be made out to Lexington Farmers Market.

Community organizations, non-profits, and local businesses or service providers whose work or product are compatible with the mission of the market are invited to attend. These stall fees are waived but donations are accepted.

Each stall fee entitles a Vendor to one 10×10 booth space

  1. Vendors must grow or produce their own products and maintain high quality. No reselling will be permitted.
  2. Vendors must grow or produce products within a 150 mile radius of Lexington, TX. (Exceptions may be permitted for “Specialty Producers”)
  3. All products sold at Market must be listed on the vendor application and be approved by the Market Manager
  4. Prepared-Food vendors must meet all federal, state and local codes of regulations governing their products, and are responsible for obtaining necessary licenses.
  5. Farmers may not claim their items as “organic” unless they are certified to do so and can provide proof.
  6. All Vendors must be ready to sell by 9am and must leave booths set up until 1pm.
  7. Vendors are required to have tents securely fastened.
  8. The Lexington Farmers Market is limited to 49% non-growers and 51% growers set by the Texas Certified Farmer’s Market Association.
  9. Arts and Crafts must be the work of the artist or craftsperson him/herself.
  10. Any vendor producing trash must provide their own, neat trash receptacle as the market will not be providing trash bins. Please take your trash with you when you go or you will not be asked to return.
  11. Every Vendor should be courteous, professional and knowledgeable about the products in his/her booth.
  12. Each vendor is responsible for obtaining and displaying all applicable permits. Every vendor must comply with the laws of the State of Texas as well as city and county laws.
  13. All Vendors are required to post or have within possession when applicable:
    Signs clearly identifying the name of the Farm, Farmer, or Venue
    b. Organic certification, if applicable
    c. Certification of Registration of Weights & Measurements
    d. Nursery License
    e. Food Handling Certificate
    f. Printed ingredients available for products sold
  14. Each Vendor must set their own price. Price Fixing is illegal. “Dumping” is not allowed. (see definitions below)
  15. All vendors must read, sign and submit the ‘Rules & Regulations’
  16. All vendors must read, sign and submit the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement.

Farmers are subject to farm inspections to be conducted by a professional inspector or Market Manager and up to two participating growers. The LFMA reserves the right to refuse applicants that do not meet the criteria and mission of the Lexington Farmers Market.

Notify Market Manager by phone or text at 512.565.7205 no later than 12 noon the day prior to market if you are not able to attend.

By submitting your name you agree to have read and understand the Lexington Farmers Market's Rules & Regulations.


Booth Rental 10×10

This will reserve your booth space. Please email to notify us of which date you are paying for. You may also pay cash or check the Saturday morning at the info booth before the market opens at 9am.